VGB Apps - These tools will not be able to be customized uniquely to you as I can do.  In addition, I have training and experience on clearing what the subconscious (emotional mind) is doing automatically out of awareness.  These Apps may be useful after our process is done as another layer of support for the process.

The Virtual Gastric Band Procedure

I have done well and lost 50 pounds back in 2000.  It wasn't until about 2010 that the pounds began to creep back on.  Oh no, not again.

Enter The Virtual Gastric Band Procedure

While vacationing in the UK, I was introduced to the work of Sheila Granger, Lifestyle Engineer and decided to give it a try.  I am so glad I did as that has allowed me to now be right where I want to be.  Free of dieting and fussing about food in any way.

What are folks saying? A Virtual Gastric Band is like "flicking a switch in the 

brain." It changes a person's attitude towards food and helps them regain control over cravings

and bad habits.  Feedback shows increased willpower and no need for the person to deprive themselves of the foods they enjoy.  Weight is lost naturally and consistently without dieting.

Who is this procedure for?  Those who want to lose weight and agree to a few logical guidelines.

Anyone who wants to lose weight, get comfortable in their own body and never diet again will benefit.  Whether it's losing those last few stubborn pounds of making a longer commitment to lose over  time safely, many people of all shapes and sizes find long term solutions to their weight problems with The Virtual Gastric Band Procedure. A short telephone interview is held to be sure you are a good candidate for this procedure.   If you have any questions about whether this is safe for you, I encourage you to talk to your doctor about it.

Is this a medical procedure? No,this is not surgically inserting a gastric band around the stomach but a virtual band using the power of the mind.

How long does this take?  Four sessions are scheduled over four weeks as that is how long a new habit takes to form.  It is common for several weeks to elapse between the third and fourth sessions.  Longer term weight loss will of course, be supported over time via emails, telephone calls, and occasional sessions (at a reduced fee).

Four one-hour sessions are provided for this procedure.  You can expect 30 minutes of talk and 30 minutes of mind management while relaxed (hypnosis).   A support CD or MP3 file is provided as is a supportive book by Sheila Granger.