Clinical Hypnotherapy
Clinical Hypnosis is as a “purposeful communication utilizing connection, credibility and effective language to get the desired response from the subconscious.” It is a gentle method of coaxing the subconscious mind to respond so that desired change is possible. During the process, people describe feeling relaxed, peaceful, light and clear. Clinical Hypnotherapy is beneficial in changing unwanted behavior such as smoking, drinking and weight abuse. It also improves performance in sports, business, school and social situations.

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Fees: $100.00 for 60 minute sessions 


I see clients by appointment only.
Using VSee for Florida clients is possible after the first session in my office.

My practice is self-pay. Fees are expected at the time of the service provided. 

I accept  cash, check, or credit card.

I do have a National Health Provider Number but accept no insurance.

I request you book two sessions in order to ensure we're off to a good start and have useful follow up. There are a few sessions available for a sliding scale. If these are full, you are welcome to be put on a waiting list for the first available session at the reduced rate.

Rates do change periodically. These rates are as of  May 2015  

Individuals/Rapid Trauma Resolution Therapy (RTR)

RTR is an “innovative method that painlessly eliminates the negative influences from traumatic events." The part of the mind that causes emotional responses does not respond to logic and reason but to metaphors and playfulness.

Using purposeful communication, humor and active experiential techniques, Dorothy teaches people how to communicate with their emotional brains in the language it understands. This allows the desired changeto occur rapidly. RTR is beneficial for a wide range of troubling emotions, behaviors and thoughts. It can pinpoint particular issues or serve as a general tune-up that clears the mind. It can help you emotionally manage a serious diagnosis such as cancer or be effective for issues such as post traumatic stress disorder, physical, sexual or emotional abuse and phobias. 

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Fees: $100.00 for 60 minute sessions (For complex trauma 90 minute sessions are needed - $150.00)

The Virtual Gastric Band 
Managing weight issues can be challenging for many folks. Based on the work of Sheila Granger, Lifestyle Engineer, this procedure focuses on getting body goals through the ability to eat when hungry and to stop eating when comfortably full.  Yes, we dream of doing this and yet find doing it a challenge.  Join me in being free of diets forever.  (I have done this program and am very pleased with the permanent results).

You have a body but you are more than a body.

Eating like a thin fit person can be learned.

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Fee: 4-Session Package, $450.00

Four sessions over 28 days has shown to be the most effective way of solidifying a new habit.