What is rapid resolution Therapy?

This is a method, developed by Dr. Jon Connelly, of clearing the subconscious, emotional part of the mind and getting it to respond so that desired change is possible. This is done in a gentle, humorous way using purposeful communication, metaphors, symbols and playful banter.

Rapid Resolution Therapy is well suited to clearing incidents of trauma such as sexual abuse or post traumatic stress syndrome. Traumas can be considered as blocks. They stop the mind from reintegrating memories from the past in a way that clears the emotions and effectively reprocesses the memory.

Traditional approaches to trauma treatment require the client to experience painful emotions while reliving the trauma. The beauty of Rapid Resolution Therapy is that it can pinpoint and then gently and painlessly clear impressions from past events - even those not consciously remembered. 

There is no psychological testing or prescribing of medications.

Who comes to me for Rapid Resolution Therapy sessions?

  • Those who notice a pattern of thoughts, feelings, or emotions contrary to their desires and values
  • Those who have experienced a troubling event that continues to haunt them
  • Those who want to have their mind "tuned up" so it functions clearly with ease 

The way these issues present in a person's life is often what they describe as the desired outcome of their sessions with me.

People want to:

  • Discover and resolve subconscious causes for emotional and behavioral difficulties
  • Resolve issues contributing to medical problems
  • Promote mind/body healing
  • Expose and eliminate unconscious conflicts blocking desired change

​What is a typical session? 

Although every session is different and customized to the unique needs of the client, there are a few basics.

The first session is scheduled for 60 minutes so we have plenty of time to get acquainted and to identify what thoughts, emotions or behaviors you wish to change. Once that is determined, we put our joint attention on the outcome - your defined goal. You can expect purposeful communication that creates a joint space of healing.  

Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes and continue with techniques that clear, organize and optimize the mind.

Complex trauma will need a 90 minute session.