I am glad to announce that I have a new safe effective tool in my practice as 2017 begins!  This biofeedback device is used to alleviate troubling issues and pain.  I believe it compliments my other clinical approaches nicely. 

The BAUD (Bio Acoustical Utilization Device) is a new and powerful tool for personal change.  Invented by Dr. Frank Lawlis, a pioneer in the field of medical psychology, this device is an FDA approved Class II device. This device uses sound to disrupt the pattern of the brain in response to a specific problem.  Using the brain's ability to change itself, brain circuits can be neutralized and troubling issues cleared. 

In my practice, sessions are one hour in length for an issue and over 50% of clients have reported significant results in just one session. (These sessions are $100 per hour). There are times when multiple BAUD sessions are needed to fully control and eliminate negative emotions and urges.  In fact, at times there are reasons to have multiple sessions even when the issue seems to have been cleared.  Here are those reasons.

  • Eliminating any residual feeling/pain
  • Insights into the issue may appear
  • Related issues may surface
  • Relapse may be prevented

For this reason, shorter sessions are available at $50 for 30 minutes.

      Recent examples of issues resolved in my office are food triggers, anxiety, burnout,

upset feeling toward a person at work, pain, anger, stress and mental fatigue.

What the BAUD has worked on:

Below is a list of different disorders that the BAUD has been successfully applied to.

Emotional issues:

• Fear and anxiety – ranging from everyday anxiety (heights, public speaking) to  panic attacks.

• guilt • anger • sexual performance issues (anxiety)

• depression • OCD • insomnia •self esteem issues

• relationship issues (anger, guilt, hurt, neutralizing “hot buttons”)

• nightmares

Urges, Cravings, and Appetites:

• Food (both general appetite, specific food cravings, and emotionally-driven eating)

• smoking, alcohol and other drugs • gambling

• unwanted sexual impulses • nervous habits

Physical Pain & other symptoms:

From minor everyday aches & pains to chronic, major pain issues.

• post-operative pain • back pain • dental pain

• carpal tunnel pain • tendinitis • migraines

Stress Issues:

• general stress • insomnia • teeth grinding • nail biting

• thumb-sucking (adult) • stomach upset


Bio Acoustical Utilization Device.