2018 has brought an amazing energy to speaking up about sexual abuse, harassment and violence.

If you have been part of the #Me Too Movement......... I honor you! 

I honor the courage and strength it took to make that experience public with the purpose of changing our culture so that events do not spin out in that way. 

And that may take some time. In the meantime, consider how you can have the #Me Too Healing Moment, as you go forward in your life?

It is time to clear, once and for all, any remaining memories that are troubling.  What happened to you was not ok, but it is ok for you to be ok in spite of that.

Just talking about what happened is generally not enough to clear a troubling memory, so join me as we join forces to remove any emotional upset still causing you to be less than peaceful, joyful and fully functioning.

The work of Dr. Jon Connelly and The Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence form the basis of my work.

 #Me Too Healing Moment